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In Scotland, MiP’s members include managers working for the 14 regional health boards and the eight special health boards, plus the many charities and private companies providing health services. 

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Under Scotland’s NHS structure, the 14 health boards manage and deliver services directly – including primary care, acute hospitals and mental healthcare. The special health boards operate across the country, offering services including specialist medical care, ambulances, health education and policy development. MiP serves all the eligible employees of these organisations, including senior executives and clinicians, service managers, specialist professionals, strategists and programme managers.

Outside the NHS, MiP also serves the Scotland-based staff of health charities and private health providers, plus organisations commissioned by local authorities to provide social care services.

Note that we cover NHS employees seconded into the Scottish Government – but not Scottish Government civil servants, who are represented by our parent union the FDA.

Our Scotland-based members are provided with individual and collective representation by a dedicated, full-time national officer based in the country, and with deep expertise in Scotland’s legal system, organisational structures, working cultures and policy frameworks.

Within MiP’s management structures, Scotland’s MiP members are represented by two members of the national committee. These elected volunteers ensure that Scotland members’ views are recognised in regional and national union policies, oversee the improvement of MiP’s services within the country, and help direct the national union’s development. If you might be interested in standing for election onto this key committee, you can find more information on our governance page.

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Our members in Northern Ireland and Scotland are represented by Claire Pullar, whose profile page also presents relevant news and information
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