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23 November, London 

This year's conference took place at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for highlights from the day.


Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Devo panel

Devolution: different paths, similar obstacles

MiP Conference 2016: Devolution within the NHS increasingly allows countries and regions to go their own way. MiP brought together NHS leaders from Wales, Scotland and England to discuss the opportunities and threats from this trend.

"The real challenge is to take the rhetoric and challenge ourselves on how we can make it real. Why is it that we still think there is something different between primary and community health services? If we can’t join those up, then we really are lost."

Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Wendy Hick

Empower everybody – and give people time to think

MiP Conference 2016: Leading head teacher Wendy Hick gave an inspiring talk to delegates about how real staff engagement and a positive, reflective approach can turn struggling organisations around – and surprisingly quickly

“Normally, people go in and take a troubleshooting approach, they look to get a quick fix. I took a very different and more considered approach. I thought what am I going to do to raise the morale of the staff at this school?”

Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Mark Radford

Radford: Make the most of existing NHS staff

MiP Conference 2016: Professor Mark Radford from NHS Improvement led a workshop on the many workforce challenges likely to face managers in the NHS next year.

“The next two quarters are going to be tough. The money is really tight and that is creating pressure through the whole system. Keeping our focus as a system on the patients is absolutely fundamental.”

Mon 28 Nov 2016


Minister: Let's reset the rhetoric about NHS managers

MiP Conference 2016: Health minister Philip Dunne promised to “reset” the political rhetoric about NHS managers, improve workplace culture and tackle bullying in the NHS, in his keynote conference speech on 23 November.

Although short on specific proposals, Dunne’s first external speech as health minister also promised action to improve NHS leadership skills, recruit more graduate management trainees and deliver parity of esteem for mental health services.

Mon 28 Nov 2016

 Panel pic

Workforce: Finance is crushing everything at the moment

MiP Conference 2016: Four experts on the NHS workforce discuss the challenges facing the NHS and how we can make it a better place to work.

The myriad pressures the NHS face at the moment can overshadow some of the major challenges in the workplace for managers and staff – things like bullying, ensuring fair terms and conditions for staff, and dealing with employment disputes.

Fri 25 Nov 2016


Swindells: managers need to be “brilliant”

MiP Conference 2016: Matthew Swindells, national director for operations and information at NHS England, told conference that NHS managers need to be “strong, resilient and brilliant” to meet the challenges posed by the Five Year Forward View

In his keynote speech to MiP conference on 23 November, Swindells said the NHS had made “spectacular” progress in the last three decades and was doing “fantastic work every day”, although he acknowledged life was particularly tough life for NHS managers at the moment.

Thu 24 Nov 2016


What’s happening to redundancy payments in the NHS?

Less than two years after new redundancy terms were agreed for the NHS, the Treasury has forced unions and employers back to the negotiating table. Craig Ryan brings you up to speed on the government’s plans – and what might happen next.

If they cannot be improved through negotiation, the Treasury’s proposals could mean substantial cuts in redundancy entitlements for many MiP members. However, for higher-paid members or those with long service, the proposed £95k cap may have the bigger impact.

Fri 11 Nov 2016


The Sharp End: the government must commit to its own STP agenda

To get your views out there, MiP is working with its members to have your stories from the NHS frontline published in the media. This one appeared in the Guardian. Could you help produce the next?

Bringing together health and social care is crucial to sorting out the problems in the NHS, and could unlock all sorts of benefits for patients. But the government needs to provide more clarity about how they’re going to work – then demonstrate commitment to its own strategy.

Thu 03 Nov 2016

 Dr Martin Read

MiP gives evidence to Senior Salaries Review Body

MiP urges a repeat of last year's well received cash award for executive and senior managers in NHS England, Health Education England and other arms-length NHS bodies.

In its evidence for the SSRB's 2017 report, MiP also calls for a comprehensive leadership and workforce strategy for arms-length bodies and wide-ranging talks about extending the remit of the review body.

Thu 03 Nov 2016

 Our health heroes

Vote for your Health Hero

The regional finalists have been announced. Now it's your turn to vote for the operational services worker of the year and the clinical support worker of the year.

The 24 regional finalists in this year’s Our Health Hero awards have been named and you can support these unsung heroes of the NHS by taking part in the public vote for the winners.

Wed 26 Oct 2016


Election of the FDA General Secretary

UK legislation requires that a trade union should elect its General Secretary at least once every five years.

Dave Penman was elected to become General Secretary of the FDA on 2 May 2012 and the union is required by law to ensure that an election is concluded no later than 2 May 2017.

Mon 10 Oct 2016

 link member course

Link members: be part of something bigger

Read on for more details on how to get more involved with MiP

MiP's Link Member training will help you to use your skills to resolve disputes, support your colleagues at work and boost the union's membership.

Fri 09 Sep 2016


Unions and employers renew NHS partnership agreement

The Social Partnership Forum has published a "refreshed" partnership agreement, which set out how the partners will work together to tackle the biggest challenges facing the NHS

Under the agreement, NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Improvement have now joined the SPF, which brings together employers and trade unions in the NHS in England

Wed 17 Aug 2016

 health heroes

Who’s your Health Hero?

Show your appreciation for hardworking support staff in the NHS

Do you know someone in your organisation who takes special pride in their work, however tough things get? This is your chance to nominate them for a Health Heroes award.

Wed 04 May 2016

 Polling station

All change please!

Ahead of the elections on 5 May, we asked three local journalists to give us the low-down on the big issues for the NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The UK’s four health services may be going their separate ways, but change is a constant everywhere.

Sun 24 Apr 2016


Candidates asked to pledge on the future of the NHS in Scotland

MiP members contribute to the health and care debate in the Scottish Parliament election

'Our members have seen the increasing difficulties that NHS Scotland has had in meeting the Scottish peoples' aspirations for a first class NHS given the available budget. With an ageing population, rising drug and technology costs, and the legitimate rise in public expectation of quality care, this cannot and should not continue.'

Thu 21 Apr 2016

 Simon Stevens

Leading the NHS through an 'existential crisis'

Simon Stevens talks to MiP's Alison Moore about funding, reshaping health and social care for the 21st century and his personal crusade against obesity.

When Simon Stevens returned from America to lead NHS England two years ago, many managers saw him as someone who understood the NHS and could lead it through choppy waters. Two years on, those choppy waters have been whipped up by a force ten storm

Fri 15 Apr 2016


Courses for MiP members

Information about events in April, May and June delivered in partnership with FDA Learn

Our programme includes short courses on effective networking, storytelling, personal impact and using data

Mon 21 Mar 2016


Help us tell your story

We need your views on how to improve our communications

MiP's chief executive Jon Restell asks members to help shape our communications reforms: what's most important to you, and how would you like to receive info from MiP?

Wed 09 Mar 2016


NHS Pay Award 2016-17

Further information and links for members about yesterday's announcement

The NHS Pay Review Body has recommended a 1% consolidated pay rise for all staff across the UK. In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland the governments have accepted this recommendation. The pay award will be made from 1 April 2016.

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