Fri 21 Nov 2014


Ray Rowden - an appreciation

Jon Restell blogs about a friend, mentor and comrade

'Ray had a positive, direct personal impact on me and on many other people. Our horizons were stretched, our self belief strengthened and our lives enriched. That’s not a bad legacy for anyone.'

Fri 07 Nov 2014


Never Again?

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with news and views

Change is inevitable, change is constant. But not every change has to be structural and people need time and space to make change work. NHS staff and organisations should take this message into the general election.

Fri 31 Oct 2014


Reasons to be cheerful…

MiP’s Marisa Howes looks forward to our conference on 19 November

You couldn’t get more topical than MiP’s 2014 conference – we’ve got a great line-up, masterclasses and discussion groups on the hot topics for healthcare managers. Click through for more information and to register

Fri 24 Oct 2014


MiP on Friday: Viewin' the View ... with apologies to Betty Boo

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with news and views

This week's Five Year Forward View 'makes the strongest statement possible – short of Simon Stevens joining a picket line - that the policy of pay restraint is unsustainable. NHS pay must rise as wages across the economy rise'.

Fri 17 Oct 2014


MiP on Friday: Cheap populism about managers' pay

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with news and views

This blog challenges the narrative about NHS senior managers getting higher pay rises than nurses and the number of executives earning more than £100,000. It calls on unions to focus their fire on the government and campaign together for fair pay including the living wage

Fri 10 Oct 2014


MiP on Friday: workplace representation as art

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with some news and views

Inspired by a training course, Jon waxes lyrical about MiP link members, members who volunteer to represent the union in the workplace: 'It's the melding of trade union values with managerial skill that makes MiP reps such an interesting, resourceful leadership proposition for both employers and staff side alike.'

Fri 03 Oct 2014


MiP on Friday

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with some news and views

Industrial action, NHS England redundancies, managers' attitudes to whistleblowers, David Dalton's rich pudding, and pushing politicians on their No Restructure pledges.

Fri 26 Sep 2014


Stop this pay dispute, Jeremy

MiP's chief executive, Jon Restell, explains why the workforce has had enough of the pay freeze in the NHS

Jeremy Hunt's decision to give NHS workers a worse deal than anyone else in the public sector has led to a national pay dispute, with industrial action ballots coming thick and fast, and UNISON's first action planned for 13 October. The health secretary should stop this dispute

Mon 30 Jun 2014


The NHS - and the public it serves - needs fair pay

Jon Restell outlines why MiP is campaigning for fair pay

MiP is campaigning jointly with all the health unions to achieve fair pay in the NHS. Individual unions will be undertaking a range of activity in support of the campaign. For MiP, this is part of a wider campaign to get respect for health and care managers.

Thu 05 Jun 2014


Listen to Pay Review Body and give NHS staff a fair pay rise

MiP’s Sandie Belcher tells Jeremy Hunt why he should think again on pay for NHS staff

‘Dear Jeremy Hunt - I hope you make good use of your 11% pay rise – most NHS staff won't get a rise at all, even though the Pay Review Body recommended they should get a 1% rise to mitigate the hike in the cost of living...’ Click through for more of Sandie’s letter

Thu 05 Jun 2014


Show NHS staff they are valued – pay them their cost of living increase

MiP member Jayne Thomas explains why we need fair pay in the NHS

‘In our trust we are already struggling to recruit specialist nurses such as diabetes trained, neuro physiologists and cardiac technicians, which means we have had to resort to oversees recruitment – a costly exercise. We must pay a fair rate to all NHS staff,’ says Jayne

Fri 02 May 2014


MiP helps members achieve a fair resolution

MiP national officer Jane Carter describes a recent success in representing a member

A few weeks ago, I was able to help MiP member Fiona resolve a long term problem. I helped her decide the outcome she wanted, put her case to the employer and achieved a result everybody was happy with. A great day at work!

Fri 28 Mar 2014


Why healthcare is a tonic for the economy

Craig Ryan urges us to see healthcare as a productive source of growth and jobs, not a burden to be funded

Why is healthcare seen as a dead cost and not as an investment? Why do we see healthcare as something we must spend money on to be productive, and not as production itself?

Sat 08 Mar 2014


Greetings on International Women’s Day

MiP's Marisa Howes celebrates the great work women do

Today we mark the great achievements of women around the world in the world of work, politics, education and health. And we remind ourselves there’s still a way to go to achieve real equality of opportunity.

Fri 20 Sep 2013


Will the latest proposals for turn around work?

Jon Restell shares his thoughts about the Government plans

The healthcare twittersphere buzzed away nicely yesterday with views of Jeremy Hunt’s plan to pay the best hospitals to improve failing ones. Excellence Rubbing Off On You is not a new idea but will this plan work?

Fri 16 Aug 2013


Why healthcare managers welcome Don Berwick’s report

Jon Restell outlines what the report means for managers

The Berwick report repeats much we know already, but its consistency and the changes it suggests are positive. In his blog for the Guardian healthcare website Jon Restell sets out the way in which managers should respond to the challenges

Wed 03 Jul 2013

 Nye Bevan

Happy birthday NHS!

65 years and still going strong

On Friday we celebrate 65 years of our NHS providing high quality healthcare to all, free at the point of use, based on need. Despite constant restructuring, it continues to thrive thanks to the dedication of the healthcare team keeping our NHS going strong.

Mon 01 Apr 2013


Midnight's children

MiP's Jon Restell blogs on some of the problems associated with today's implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012

At midnight the coalition government’s plan for England’s NHS came jerkily into some kind of reality as tens of thousands of staff were transferred to new bodies. Most of the system outside of hospitals and services has been pulled up and laid down somewhere else. Besides the structural change, there are also controversial new laws on competition and tendering.

Fri 08 Mar 2013


Greetings on International Women’s Day!

Marisa Howes celebrates women’s achievements in the NHS

Women keep this great NHS show on the road – making up 78% of the workforce. Let’s celebrate their achievements and keep moving forward towards real equality. That’s the way to achieve real culture change

Fri 11 Jan 2013


Francis, staff engagement and avoiding redundancies

MiP's Jon Restell writes his weekly blog of news and comment

To date we've been running a green field recruitment exercise. New bodies and current employers now need to change approach in the next six weeks or so to prioritise at risk staff for appointment to the remaining jobs. This is now a heavy duty redundancy situation.

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