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31 October, London 

The new look MiP Members' Summit 2017 will take place on 31 October. This event for members from across the UK will provide a full day of interactive training and practical workshops, debate about our union priorities and networking with other members. Please click through for more details and to register your place


Thu 19 May 2016

 East End success story

An East End success story

When it comes to staff engagement, everyone talks the talk, but East London Foundation Trust is one of the few to walk the walk. Craig Ryan headed for Whitechapel to find out how they do it.

The killing of one mental health patient by another is fantastically rare. But within a year Roman Ward had seen another patient commit suicide with a plastic bag and a third die unexpectedly from natural causes. These three tragic deaths sparked a remarkable improvement drive founded on boosting the engagement and wellbeing of the trust’s staff.

Mon 16 May 2016


When you need someone on your side…

Sloppy HR procedures aren’t just an admin problem – they cause real distress and do real damage to organisations. We spoke to one MiP member about how a vexatious complaint affected her – and how the union was able to help.

“I’ve been working in and around the NHS for 40 years, and I’ve never had a grievance against me. I was gobsmacked. It was completely out of the blue.”

Wed 23 Mar 2016

 Nigel Edwards

We need managers as well as leaders

Nigel Edwards, chief executive, the Nuffield Trust, on why supporting middle managers is a key priority

'I do think leadership is important, but I'm concerned that the obsession with it has obscured the very important task of effective administration and management'.

Wed 02 Mar 2016

 Mark Britnell

My search for the perfect healthcare system

The NHS is highly regarded around the world, but no healthcare system has a monopoly on excellence or failure.

Mark Britnell finds there's much the NHS can learn from other countries

Wed 02 Mar 2016

 Lis Paice

Tipster: How to give a great talk

Lis Paice gives her tips for engaging an audience and keeping them interested.

Have you ever been giving a presentation and realised that you weren’t holding your audience? Smartphones and tablets lighting up, eyes glazing over? It’s a horrible feeling. Giving a presentation is a great opportunity to get your ideas across – but not if people aren’t listening. So how can you give a talk that will engage your audience?

Tue 16 Feb 2016


What pay rise should you expect from 1 April?

MiP examines the evidence as the NHS Pay Review Body prepares to report

'The unions asked the Review Body to recommend an award that took into account the loss of real terms earnings since 2010. Productivity in the NHS over this period has been taken directly from the pockets of NHS workers and enough was enough.'

Tue 02 Feb 2016


Tipster: 10 things you need to know about staff surveys

Katherine Bassey writes for MiP on how to put yourself in poll position

An employee survey won’t sort out all your organisational ills, but a well-designed one will give you insight and direction — as long as you act on what you find. These tips will prepare you well

Wed 27 Jan 2016

 Dean Royles

Don't waste time on yesterday's problems

Dean Royles, director of human resources, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS trust, explains why the trade union bill worries him

'We get so much more, day-in day-out, from working with trade unions. I'm anxious that we don't damage the constructive relationships we enjoy.'

Mon 14 Sep 2015


Trade union bill will undermine patient care

MiP's chief executive, Jon Restell, explains what's wrong with the Government's plans from an NHS perspective

Trade unions represent staff views, negotiate decent conditions and ensure employers behave themselves and act fairly. Employers value the role of unions because it helps everyone to deliver great patient care. The bill will undermine effective industrial relations in the NHS and with it, patient care.

Wed 17 Jun 2015


Parading with Pride in London

MiP national officer George Shepherd invites you to join him on 27 June

The theme for this year’s Parade is Pride Heroes – celebrating people and organisations who have made a difference to the LGBT community. Come and join MiP and other trade unions on the parade.

Mon 15 Jun 2015


Lord Carter’s review highlights the value of managers

Marisa Howes gives her take on the interim report on productivity in providers

Lord Carter’s interim report and recommendations on improving productivity have caused quite a stir. Some of it states the obvious, some of it is in danger of creating new structures and hoops to jump through and some of it is very useful

Fri 17 Apr 2015


Let’s hear it for NHS managers!

Jon Restell talks about MiP’s campaign for respect for NHS managers

I love the NHS. I love what it stands for in society and the world. I love its staff. I love the public who support it and the politicians who fund it. Most of all I love the managers who work as hard as anyone to keep the NHS show on the road and I love speaking up for them.

Sun 08 Mar 2015


Greetings on International Women’s Day!

Marisa Howes celebrates the great achievements of women around the world

On International Women's Day we celebrate the strength of women around the world and the achievements we have made in moving towards equality. We need to build on those achievements.

Tue 17 Feb 2015


Celebrating LGBT history month

MiP national officer Stephen Smith blogs about its origins and continuing relevance

On 23 February the TUC is hosting an art display about Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), featuring many of the real-life events portrayed in the award-winning film ‘Pride’. This and other events help to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender History Month

Tue 23 Dec 2014


All we want for Christmas

Jon Restell reflects on a busy year for MiP members and considers what we must do in 2015

It’s been a tough year for the NHS – which means it’s been tough for our members and their union. But looking back we can take pride with much. Looking forward, we’ve got our work cut out in 2015, especially as the NHS will be a top issue in the general election campaign.

Fri 12 Dec 2014


No more scapegoating NHS managers

MiP chair Zoeta Manning explains why we’re campaigning for respect

MiP has teamed up with the Health Service Journal to tackle head on unfair attacks on managers in the upcoming general election, wherever they arise in the UK. Traditional manager-bashing peaks at this time. It’s wrong and we won’t be taking it on the chin.

Fri 21 Nov 2014


Ray Rowden - an appreciation

Jon Restell blogs about a friend, mentor and comrade

'Ray had a positive, direct personal impact on me and on many other people. Our horizons were stretched, our self belief strengthened and our lives enriched. That’s not a bad legacy for anyone.'

Fri 07 Nov 2014


Never Again?

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with news and views

Change is inevitable, change is constant. But not every change has to be structural and people need time and space to make change work. NHS staff and organisations should take this message into the general election.

Fri 31 Oct 2014


Reasons to be cheerful…

MiP’s Marisa Howes looks forward to our conference on 19 November

You couldn’t get more topical than MiP’s 2014 conference – we’ve got a great line-up, masterclasses and discussion groups on the hot topics for healthcare managers. Click through for more information and to register

Fri 24 Oct 2014


MiP on Friday: Viewin' the View ... with apologies to Betty Boo

Our chief executive, Jon Restell, ends the week with news and views

This week's Five Year Forward View 'makes the strongest statement possible – short of Simon Stevens joining a picket line - that the policy of pay restraint is unsustainable. NHS pay must rise as wages across the economy rise'.

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