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23 November, London 

This year's conference took place at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for highlights from the day.


Wed 20 Nov 2013


We need to work together to ensure patient safety

MiP calls for effective staff engagement to ensure patient safety

Speaking after the Government published its response to the Francis Report, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said: ‘The Government still places too much emphasis on policing behaviour after the event, rather than on what is needed to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and compassionate care are a matter of routine in all places of care at all times.’

Mon 12 Aug 2013


'Superheads' won't solve NHS performance problems

MiP warns against Jeremy Hunt's proposals to deal with failing hospitals

Responding to reports that the Health Secretary wants the NHS to introduce 'superheads', MiP chief executive Jon Restell told the Daily Telegraph: 'If I was on the board of a struggling organisation, I might not be happy to take on a chief executive who was essentially doing the job on a part-time basis.'

Wed 31 Jul 2013


Proposals to recalculate value of public sector pensions unaffordable for NHS

MiP backs NHS Employers’ response to the Treasury’s draft valuation directions

‘The Treasury proposals unreasonably change the way in which public sector pension schemes are valued. They will lead to what NHS Employers have rightly described as ‘unexpected and unjustified’ outcomes for the NHS Pension Scheme,’ said MiP chief executive Jon Restell.

Thu 04 Jul 2013


Any manager worth her or his salt wants to be held to account

MiP responds to Government proposals for new criminal sanctions for failures in care

'Managers, clinicians and support staff deliver safe, compassionate and accountable care hundreds of thousands of times each day. MiP is ready to discuss anything that ensures managers are supported to maintain high standards of care in the face of rising demand and tightening budgets.' said MiP's Jon Restell

Thu 20 Jun 2013


Good managers doing good work will be distressed by actions of CQC

Jon Restell speaks up for good managers

Speaking on today's Jeremy Vine show, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said that the report of the actions by the CQC will be distressing for the thousands of good managers who are working hard to improve patient safety.

Tue 26 Mar 2013


What is needed is a sea change in management culture, not personnel

MiP comment on the Government’s response to the Francis Report

'The Government is right to want to build the capacity and diversity of our top leaders, but it should focus on freeing existing managers who have the skills, values and motivation to deliver change for patients. What is needed is a sea change in management culture, not personnel.'

Thu 14 Mar 2013


MiP condemns Government rejection of SSRB recommendations

Union responds to Prime Minister's announcement on very senior managers’ pay in England

MiP chief executive Jon Restell said: ‘We welcome the Senior Salaries Review Body’s recommendations for very senior managers in NHS bodies, but the Government's refusal to accept key elements is very disappointing. Fairness should be at the heart of any pay system.'

Thu 28 Feb 2013


MiP welcomes results of 2012 NHS staff survey

Survey shows important improvements, but also reveals areas of concern

'Given the turmoil in the NHS at the moment, the overall survey results are pretty good across a range of measures such as job satisfaction,' said MiP chief executive Jon Restell.

Wed 06 Feb 2013


Make Francis report the last of its kind

Managers’ union welcomes strong, comprehensive second report into the suffering at Mid Staffs

'We welcome this strong, comprehensive report that will resonate with MiP members in management throughout the NHS. The thrust of it reinforces the values of public service, compassion and care that lead people to work for the NHS.' said MiP chief executive Jon Restell.

Wed 05 Dec 2012


Chancellor accepts recommendations from Pay Review Bodies rejecting regional pay

MiP welcomed today’s Autumn statement in which the Chancellor dropped his proposals for local pay in the NHS in England.

‘This is good news for healthcare managers,’ said Jon Restell, MiP chief executive. ‘We told the pay review body that there is a national market for healthcare staff, including senior managers. So we’re pleased the Government is keeping the ‘N’ in NHS pay.’

Tue 09 Oct 2012


All healthcare professionals share responsibility for care standards, says MiP

MiP comments on Jeremy Hunt's speech to the Conservative Party conference today

Union welcomes new health secretary's focus on culture and quality of care, but warns that it would be a mistake to single out managers and ignore other healthcare professionals over care standards, that some services are undermanaged and that approaches to accountability must be fair and open

Tue 04 Sep 2012


MiP advises Jeremy Hunt to focus on quality and safety

As the new health secretary takes the reins, MiP says he should avoid new initiatives and concentrate on engaging with staff for the good of the NHS

Congratulating him on his appointment as health secretary, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said: 'Like all new health secretaries, Jeremy Hunt must work hard to establish his credibility with NHS staff.' Click on headline for more.

Tue 08 May 2012


Reluctant but realistic: MiP announces pension ballot result

MiP members vote to accept the Government’s final offer for the new NHS Pension Scheme

Announcing the result of MiP's pension ballot, chief executive Jon Restell said: ‘In voting, MiP members were reluctant to accept the offer but realistic about the prospects of getting something better without sustained industrial action.’

Fri 09 Mar 2012


MiP members to be balloted on final offer on NHS pension scheme

'At the end of the day, it will be our members who decide MiP's response to this final offer', says Jon Restell

MiP will be balloting its members on the Government's final proposals for the new NHS pension scheme for England and Wales.

Thu 16 Feb 2012


MiP condemns further squeeze on managers pay in Scotland

Union reacts to extension of pay freeze for senior managers

The Scottish Government's executive pay policy means MiP members are suffering a significant decline in their take home pay, explains Claire Pullar, MiP National Officer

Wed 08 Feb 2012


MiP calls on the Government to abandon its Health Bill

‘MiP has always been opposed to the Bill, because it is risky, unnecessary and costly. Nothing has happened to change our minds,’ says MiP chief executive Jon Restell

As the Health and Social Care Bill returns to the House of Lords, Jon Restell said: ‘The Government should do itself a favour and abandon its plans. Instead it should talk to the health service about how to safeguard quality care and meet extra demand when there is no new money.’

Thu 26 Jan 2012


MiP warns huge cuts in healthcare managers will put patient safety at risk

MiP warns ministers that they are getting rid of the very people who can deliver the Government's reform plans, maintain high quality and safe services for patients and save £20 billion

Responding to today's announcement on the design of the NHS Commissioning Board, revealing 50 per cent cuts, Jon Restell, MiP chief executive, said: 'This decision is another product of the Government's mistaken belief that the NHS does not need management. What's incredible is the Government itself identifies these risks, but does nothing.'

Fri 02 Dec 2011


Jon Restell positive about Francis report

MiP chief executive Jon Restell used the HSJ Opinion page to argue that the Francis report on Mid Staffs will be the most important NHS event in 2012.

MiP chief executive Jon Restell welcomed the Francis Report on the lessons to be learnt from Mid Staffs. In the Health Service Journal published on 1 December he argues: 'If we can avoid mistakes, we stand a good chance of being able to embrace the possibilities for learning and change that I believe Francis will offer... I hope Francis will transform how we think and feel across the whole service.'

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