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23 November, London 

This year's conference took place at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for highlights from the day.


NEWS Tue 23 May 2017


NHS redundancies risk wasting management talent


MiP chief executive Jon Restell has warned that the NHS will again lose valuable management talent in the latest round of reorganisation if it doesn’t find a better way to manage redeployment and redundancies across the system.

NEWS Mon 22 May 2017


Restell calls for PM's salary benchmark to be scrapped


MiP chief executive Jon Restell has called for the next government to "retire" the policy of using the Prime Minister's salary as a benchmark for senior NHS pay, after the Health Service Journal revealed that the Treasury has approved more than 90% of requests to pay senior NHS managers more than Theresa May's £142,500 pay packet.

MiP BLOG Thu 18 May 2017


General Election 2017: Change we can believe in

In the second of his election blogs, MiP chief executive Jon Restell calls on politicians to work with staff to switch NHS resources to where they’re most needed – and to be open and honest with voters about what that means.

My first blog urged politicians to fund the NHS properly. This blog is about how we achieve meaningful change in the NHS and social care. A key question for all parties in this election is, “if you had more money, would you still spend it in the same way?”

NEWS Thu 18 May 2017

 Election toolkit cover

MiP 2017 General Election Toolkit


MiP has launched a toolkit to help members put forward our policy proposals and ask your local candidates to commit to representing your views in parliament should they be elected. You can download the toolkit here.

NEWS Tue 16 May 2017


MiP introduces local “reps” to boost support for members

MiP Chief executive Jon Restell outlines the union’s plan to build a network of MiP reps in workplaces across the UK.

MiP will pilot a new active member role, the “MiP representative”, throughout the rest of 2017. The new role has grown out of ‘advanced practice’ from our existing MiP link members and responds to the growing demand from some of them for more responsibility for the individual and collective representation of members.

MiP BLOG Fri 12 May 2017


General Election 2017: Time to get real about NHS funding

In the first of a series of election posts, MiP chief executive Jon Restell calls on politicians of all parties to come up with credible plans for funding the NHS.

In this election campaign MiP is asking candidates from all parties to make four simple commitments to the NHS in England: to fund the NHS and social care properly, to switch resources to where they’re most needed, to support the NHS workforce and to support managers in the NHS. I’ll be setting out our position in a series of four blogposts over the course of the campaign.

MiP BLOG Tue 02 May 2017

 Active Members

Getting active and getting on

The days of hostile bosses looking down their noses at active trade unionists are long gone. As MiP unveils its first workplace reps, Craig Ryan spoke to four leading MiP activists about how union work has helped their NHS careers.

People used to think you had to choose between your career and being active in your union. The time involved and an often-hostile management made it difficult for union activists to excel in their day jobs. But in today’s NHS, being an activist can actually boost your career – giving you more influence, a bigger and better network and the skills to become a better manager.

MiP BLOG Fri 28 Apr 2017

 Andrew Cannell, March 2017

Centre of excellence

Having built an enviable reputation for top-notch clinical engagement, efficient care and innovation, Merseyside’s Clatterbridge Cancer Centre now faces its biggest challenge yet. Alison Moore talks to its chief executive, Andrew Cannell.

“What has made us outstanding and what will keep us in that position is listening to the clinicians. They are throwing out the challenges to us. When I first applied for the job there was something different about the atmosphere here – it was so light, very welcoming and people walked around with a smile on their face.”

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