Restell calls for PM's salary benchmark to be scrapped

Mon 22 May 2017

MiP chief executive Jon Restell has called for the next government to "retire" the policy of using the Prime Minister's salary as a benchmark for senior NHS pay, after the Health Service Journal revealed that the Treasury has approved more than 90% of requests to pay senior NHS managers more than Theresa May's £142,500 pay packet.

Documents obtained by the HSJ under the Freedom of Information Act show that 54 of 59 known requests to pay a manager more than the Prime Minister's salary were approved in 2016-17.

MiP chief executive Jon Restell told the HSJ: “The figures for salaries above £142,500 strongly suggest that the use of the Prime Minister’s salary as a benchmark has run its course. The burning priority must be recruiting and retaining board level people, especially in the most challenged providers.

“While we need a consistent and open senior pay framework, the NHS needs to be quicker to make offers, and it must bite the bullet and pay competitive salaries," he added. "The current approach smacks too much of political massaging. NHS Improvement and the Department of Health should be much more positive and upfront. It would help to attract candidates to these demanding jobs.”

Under rules set out by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in June 2015, all trusts and CCGs wanting pay  senior staff more £142,500 must seek prior approval from the Treasury.


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