NHS Pay Review Body Report 2017 - MiP response

Wed 29 Mar 2017

The union for senior NHS managers responds to yesterday's report and government announcement

The government announced yesterday that it was accepting the recommendations of the review body’s 2017 report, which included:

● a 1% across the board increase for all staff on Agenda for Change from 1 April 2017
● A 1% increase in the high-cost area supplement from 1 April 2017
● A review of the system of tiered contribution rates for the NHS Pension Scheme

MiP believes a pay award of 1% fails to value the hard work, goodwill and commitment of NHS managers and other staff, who are caring for patients under intense and growing pressure. It fails to match inflation, running at more than twice the level of the award, and fails miserably to respond to the rise in private sector average earnings of 3.1%.

This report makes clear that managers, like other staff groups, have seen the real value of their earnings fall by more than 10% since 2010. Take-home pay has been cut further by higher pension contributions and national insurance charges. If we want the highest standards of patient care, we cannot ignore the impact this has on morale and the recruitment and retention of staff.

This year’s report is significant, however, because it supports many of the points made by MiP and other health unions in recent years. In particular, the review body agrees that the government’s pay policy is unsustainable and that we need to find a way out of it; that the NHS in England needs a national workforce strategy; and that we need constructive discussion about a new pay policy and updating the Agenda for Change pay system.

MiP also welcomes the review body’s recommendation that the government must take action to reform the system of tiered NHS pension scheme contributions, so pay awards have the intended effect of increasing, rather than decreasing, take-home pay – an issue raised by MiP members in the last year.

More information

MiP has sent members a briefing note via email on the pay review body’s 2017 report, which highlights the main points of interest to MiP members. Contact MiP head office if you do not receive member emails. You can also download a copy of the full report from: the GOV.UK website.

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