Dr Martin Read

MiP gives evidence to Senior Salaries Review Body

Thu 03 Nov 2016

MiP urges a repeat of last year's well received cash award for executive and senior managers in NHS England, Health Education England and other arms-length NHS bodies.

MiP is calling for a comprehensive leadership and workforce strategy for executive and senior managers (ESMs) working in arms-length NHS bodies (ALBs) in evidence to the Senior Salaries Review Body, which is preparing its 2017 report.

The SSRB, chaired by Dr Martin Read (pictured), recommends salary levels and pay arrangements each year for around 360 senior managers above Agenda for Change grades, working in ALBs such as NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Improvement, as well as some Commissioning Support Units and Ambulance trusts. The review body does not currently cover senior managers working for provider trusts, CCGs or other local commissioning bodies.

Giving oral evidence to the SSRB on 20 October, MiP chief executive Jon Restell set out the union’s main recommendations for the 2017 pay round:

-      the 2017 pay award to be calculated by dividing 1% of the paybill equally among qualifying ESMs (those with “exceeded” or “met” performance ratings), resulting in proportionally higher awards for lower paid managers

-      a comprehensive leadership and workforce strategy for senior managers in ALBs, to be developed as part of the planned operational review of the new ESM pay framework

-      key stakeholders such as MiP should be closely involved in the planning and delivery of the operational review

-      a sector-wide discussion about extending the SSRB’s remit to cover senior managers posts in the wider NHS

The Department of Health has also submitted evidence to the SSRB and MiP will hold further discussions with the review body in the near future. We will keep you up to date with a further report before the end of the year.

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