Election of the FDA General Secretary

Wed 26 Oct 2016

UK legislation requires that a trade union should elect its General Secretary at least once every five years.

FDA rules state that the union's Executive Committee "may nominate any person (whether or not a member) for election to the position of General Secretary".

The Executive Committee began to consider its approach to the forthcoming election in the summer. Following consultation with Dave Penman it was established that both he and the Executive Committee were keen ensure that there was a rigorous selection process in place before any decision was made on a fresh nomination.

This took place at the October meeting of the Executive Committee, where Penman was asked to present to the committee on both the key achievements of the union under his leadership and his strategy for addressing the many challenges that lay ahead. Members of the Committee were able to question Penman on his presentation before considering whether to nominate him for a further term or call for other potential nominations for the Committee to consider.

The Executive Committee concluded that the FDA has made significant progress under the leadership of Dave Penman and have no doubt that he has a clear vision for addressing the future challenges the union faces both industrially and organisationally. The Executive Committee was therefore unanimous in its decision to re-nominate Dave Penman as General Secretary for another five-year term.

What happens now?

FDA rules stipulate that the Executive Committee shall be responsible for making arrangements, and determining the timetable, for the election of the union's General Secretary.

The first stage in the electoral process is to establish who is eligible to be included on the ballot paper for any election. FDA rules stipulate that any candidate for election must receive a valid nomination as follows:

"i) The Executive Committee may nominate any person (whether or not a member); and

ii) Any member can be nominated by no less than thirty members including a minimum of five members from each of five different constituencies to stand in any such election."

The Executive Committee has agreed to nominate Dave Penman. We are now calling for nominations from members who may wish to put their name forward for election to the position of General Secretary of the FDA. A nomination form can be found here.

Completed nomination forms, together with a signed declaration from the nominee (which can be found here), should arrive no later than midday on Wednesday 7 December 2016 to the following address:

The President
8 Leake Street

Independent scrutineer

Section 42 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 requires trade unions to appoint an independent scrutineer for the election.
The FDA Executive Committee has appointed:
Popularis Ltd
Nutsey Lane
SO40 3RL
to act in this capacity.


Members wishing to raise any questions in relation to this election should direct them either to the FDA President at president@fda.org.uk or Popularis at annehock@popularis.org

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