MiP members overwhelmingly reject government pay offer

Tue 03 Mar 2015

MiP calls on the government to think again and show respect for the valuable work done by managers

MiP members have rejected the government’s pay offer by 92% on a strong turnout of 31% of those polled. MiP members also reported that they work long unpaid hours, with 93% working over  37.5 hours a week on average and 29% working more than 48 hours, the limit set by the working time regulations.

Jon Restell, MiP chief executive, said:

‘The government’s failure to value managers for their hard work, skill and dedication has led to this strong vote to reject the pay offer. Managers are people, not machines: our members say the proposed pay deal is divisive, demotivating and demoralising and will see a loss of goodwill and exacerbate recruitment and retention problems.’

‘Managers deserve respect from the government. Our members keep the show on the road for staff and patients, working long hours for no extra reward. They are critical to delivering dignified, safe health services, making every penny count and supporting the clinicians who care for patients in a complex and demanding walk of life – and many are clinicians themselves.’

‘The government could have shown respect for managers’ hard work by honouring the Pay Review Body’s recommendation. Instead they have cynically made the improved offer for lower paid staff dependent on taking away from those on higher bands, putting the unions representing lower paid staff in a very difficult position. Our members support the weighting of any increase towards the lower paid to ensure they finally receive the Living Wage, but this should not be at the expense of those on the higher bands.’

‘We call on the government to value managers and amend its offer at this late stage to pay clinical and other managers fairly and consistently with other NHS staff. ’

‘Our hours survey shows the NHS is under intense pressure with managers working very long hours in response. Employers should be worrying about the wellbeing of senior staff working long hours and whether jobs are properly designed with enough resources going into these critical roles within the healthcare team.’

‘If the offer is accepted and implemented nationally, MiP will ask local employers to make up the difference.’

‘We call on all parties to the national agreement to sign up to the principle of paying managers and other senior staff fairly and consistently with other staff groups. We all believe in the NHS and we all work hard for our colleagues and our patients.’

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