Politicians should support the role of managers in the healthcare team

Wed 02 Apr 2014

MiP responds to Andy Burnham’s comments about last year’s reorganisation in England

Responding to Andy Burnham's comments today about the cost of last year's restructure, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said: 'Leadership and management is vital for high quality, safe patient care. Politicians should support the role of managers; managers are an essential part of the healthcare team caring for patients.

'Managers have not done well from the Coalition Government's re-organisation, which no manager wanted. It is not helpful to try scapegoating a few individuals who may now be earning a higher income than before the restructuring, after the proper process was followed. The reality is there are now half the managers there were before the changes working hard to make the new system work. Managers make up a small fraction of high earners in the NHS; most managers in the NHS are middle earners.'

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