NEWS Thu 23 Mar 2017

 MiP moving

MiP on the move

Temporary head office move for MiP

MiP and the FDA have moved into temporary office accommodation while building work is carried out on the new head office building at Ebbark House, near London Bridge.

MiP BLOG Mon 20 Mar 2017

 Scottish Parliament

18 April: Scottlish MiP members invited to Holyrood governance inquiry

MiP members in Scotland have been invited to attend the Health and Sport Committee’s inquiry into NHS governance on Tuesday 18 April at 9am at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

“The format of our input into this inquiry will be informal which will allow you as a member of MiP to share your specific, expert knowledge, experience and opinion of NHS governance in a private environment,” said Claire Pullar, MiP’s national officer for Scotland.

NEWS Fri 17 Mar 2017


Sexual orientation monitoring of service users

Get involved in focus groups to support roll-out of sexual orientation monitoring

An information standard has been agreed for sexual orientation monitoring of service users across the NHS and social care in England. Members are encouraged to attend focus groups to develop e-learning resources to support roll-out. The focus groups are in Leeds on 21 March, Birmingham on 22 March and London on 27 March.

NEWS Tue 28 Feb 2017


March for the NHS, Saturday 4 March, London

Join MiP members in Tavistock Square at 12 pm

The demonstration and march to Parliament will highlight how inadequate funding of the NHS and social care affects patients and staff. Our national officer Stephen Smith will co-ordinate MiP members who'd like to march in support of the NHS with our MiP flags.

MiP BLOG Fri 17 Feb 2017

 informed consent

New rules on patient consent: what managers need to know

Legal Eye: Linda Millband runs through what managers need to know about new rules on patient consent.

As a result of a supreme Court ruling, doctors, and other healthcare professionals, are now under a clear duty to take reasonable care to ensure that patients are aware of all material risks involved in a procedure.

MiP BLOG Wed 08 Feb 2017


Stepping down but staying on

THE SHARP END: the NHS’s redeployment policies are hugely wasteful of both management talent and public money, argues one MiP member.

When I had to leave my role as a senior manager, I discovered that the NHS has a well-used but little-known system for easing people out of top jobs. And I learned that it doesn’t work well for anyone: trusts, our healthcare system, managers, patients or the taxpayer.

MiP BLOG Tue 31 Jan 2017


Get the pension you've worked for

You plan your future around your pension, so mistakes can really throw a spanner in the works. Craig Ryan spoke to one MiP member about how the union helped rescue his retirement plans.

Pensions are hard. In the NHS, with several different schemes and many arcane rules, even the supposed experts can get it wrong. When they do, your union can help you to navigate the system and get the pension you’re entitled to.

MiP BLOG Mon 23 Jan 2017


Tipster: how to run a proper investigation

Have you been asked to investigate a colleague’s conduct or performance? MiP national officer Andy Hardy sees NHS investigators make the same mistakes over and over again. Here’s his tips for avoiding costly and career-damaging pitfalls.

Many people don’t realise how pressurised, difficult and time consuming investigations can be. Consider carefully whether you’re right for the job. Investigations can drag on for months or even years, especially if you end up in front of an Employment Tribunal or the GMC. Are you prepared for that?