MiP BLOG Tue 25 Apr 2017

 Corrado Valle

The Road to Jerusalem: part two

Feeling ready to become a British citizen, MiP national officer Corrado Valle, passed the Home Office’s citizenship test with flying colours. But after the shock of Brexit, he began to have doubts about staying in the UK.

23 June arrived and my hopes were shattered, together with those of millions of other EU citizens, and Britons at home and abroad. Now, I really had no choice but to apply for residency first and citizenship afterwards. The absurdity was that I was no longer sure I wanted to stay in a country that clearly didn’t want me. In 2014, I felt I was making a choice in considering taking citizenship, but that choice no longer exists.

MiP BLOG Tue 18 Apr 2017

 Umesh Prabhu

How to save twenty billion quid

Umesh Prabhu says that the NHS can find the money it needs by investing in leadership and technology – and trusting staff to root out waste.

Last month, I asked an audience of doctors in London how much we spend on the NHS. No one knew. One consultant told me it was £50m! When the NHS needs to save over £22bn, this is a big problem. If doctors don’t know how much things cost, they don’t know the value of the work they do.

MiP BLOG Thu 13 Apr 2017

 Corrado Valle 2015

The Road to Jerusalem: part one

After living and working in the UK for 26 years, MiP national officer Corrado Valle faces an exhausting quest for the right to stay in his adopted homeland after Brexit. In this first episode, he explains why he decided to apply for British citizenship.

As I was standing in the chapel at Sandhurst in 2014, on the day my son was starting his officer training in the British Army, it dawned on me that my resistance to Britishness was futile. The notes of Jerusalem echoed in the chapel and, suddenly, they had a new meaning.

MiP BLOG Thu 06 Apr 2017

 shared services detail

Back office blues

Shared services have a troubled history in the public sector, but NHS system leaders are pushing them hard. Matt Ross explores the lessons from previous programmes – and asks whether they’ve been learned.

Now NHS Improvement is raising the pressure on shared services, sending STPs detailed data showing which organisations are the most efficient – and which are the least. The regulator’s goal is to slim down finance, governance, HR, IT, legal and procurement bills, which it claims cost the NHS over £3.3bn a year.

MEDIA CENTRE Fri 31 Mar 2017

 NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens speaking at MiP's 2015 conference

NHS staff need more support to deliver latest reform plans

The union for senior NHS managers gives its first reaction to 'Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View'

NHS managers are worried that the quality of care will go backwards and waiting lists will get even longer. Savings and improvements are always possible and desirable, but there’s no escape from the central fact that the NHS needs more funding.

NEWS Wed 29 Mar 2017


NHS Pay Review Body Report 2017 - MiP response

The union for senior NHS managers responds to yesterday's report and government announcement

MiP believes a pay award of 1% fails to value the hard work, goodwill and commitment of NHS managers and other staff, who are caring for patients under intense and growing pressure. It fails to match inflation, running at more than twice the level of the award, and fails miserably to respond to the rise in private sector average earnings of 3.1%.

NEWS Wed 29 Mar 2017


NHS Pay Review Body 2017: MiP Briefing Note


In its 2017 report, the review body supports MiP’s long-held view that the government needs an exit strategy from its current NHS pay policy. It warns that the 1% cap on pay rises in the NHS is coming under pressure due to rising inflation, significant supply shortages in some areas, and concerns about recruitment and retention which are shared by unions and employers.

NEWS Thu 23 Mar 2017

 MiP moving

MiP on the move

Temporary head office move for MiP

MiP and the FDA have moved into temporary office accommodation while building work is carried out on the new head office building at Ebbark House, near London Bridge.