10 reasons for healthcare managers to join MiP

1 - We are the only UK wide trade union organisation specifically for healthcare managers. Therefore we have extensive knowledge across all the healthcare systems operating within the UK. We represent healthcare managers and professionals in Agenda for Change bands 8 and above, and the Executive cohort.

2 - Should you ever need help at work, MiP specialises in giving you personal support and employment advice, representation and fast access to legal resources. Each year we help hundreds of senior managers who are facing difficulties in the workplace, including re-organisation, redundancies, and pay and contracts.

3 - You can join a number of professional networks of over 5,000 MiP members, and you can fully participate in the work of MiP. In London we are developing a specific Network for managers to provide Masterclasses in areas that will help you network and develop your career.

4 - MiP has a unique and recognised voice for healthcare managers. We use this voice in partnership dealings with Whitehall, civil servants, the media and other stakeholders to get your views across, campaign for your rights, develop best practice and fight misunderstanding.

5 - Members receive a free subscription to our magazine healthcare manager, plus regular member e-mail bulletins telling you about what's happening in the health world and what MiP is doing for you.

6 - MiP members also have dedicated services provided through our membership portfolio, including:

Personal legal advice

Insurance and financial offers

Career development advice

7 - Membership of MiP can enhance your working life and there are always opportunities for you to actively help improve things in your workplace, we have link members in most organisations who are there to promote workplace understanding and not take on casework.

8 - Unfortunately, problems at work can happen to anyone at anytime. MiP is the union with the knowledge and expertise to help should that happen to you. However, if you join after encountering a problem at work we will not be able to help you.

9 - We work with your employer to ensure equal opportunities and diversity for all managers across the health sector.

10 - The health service is unique and you have different issues then managers in other parts of the public service. MiP actively seeks your views on these issues and works to protect both your interests and the integrity of healthcare.

Join MiP

As specialists in healthcare management we provide expert employment advice and representation and fast access to legal services to make sure you are treated fairly. You also receive our quarterly magazine and have access to leadership networks.

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FDA Portfolio

MiP members get all the benefits provided by our sister unions. FDA has launched a portfolio of benefits offering a range of discounts, legal support and financial advice. Click through from the MiP members' area for details.

Employment rights

We provide a range of advice and information for healthcare managers on issues that affect your employment. We produce factsheets and briefings to keep you informed about your rights and opportunities.

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