I can look after myself, why should I join?

MiP members are skilled professional people. Over 5,500 of your colleagues recognise that if they come across problems at work, they need the professional assistance of the union. Every year a third of members contact us for advice on a wide range of issues. MiP has extensive experience in representing the most senior staff in the health service.

How much does it cost?

The monthly subscription to MiP varies depending on how much you earn. This is the fairest way of collecting subs. See here Subscription rates for current subs rates.

Can't I just wait to see if and when I need to join MiP?

You are welcome to join MiP at any time in your career. However, if you decide to join us only when you have an issue at work we will not be able to help you on any pre existing matters. To do so would be unfair on those who are already members and like any insurance policy you need cover at all times!

Why MiP rather then one of the other health care unions?

MiP is the only union for managers in healthcare and we only have healthcare managers in membership. That means we are unique and specialist in this one area.

Who can join MiP?

MiP specialises in representing senior staff working in health care. Generally speaking anyone working in health care and is covered by Agenda for Change at band 8a and above can join. If you are a manager in healthcare and not covered by Agenda for Change call us on 0845 601 1144 for guidance.

I am a management trainee. Do I have to pay the full sub?

No. You pay a reduced rate for a period of FIVE years from the date you started on the relevant management trainee scheme. See Subscription rates for this year's rates.

I am a member of Unison but an MiP grade. Should I stay where I am?

All members of MiP automatically also belong to Unison (and FDA). So by changing from Unison you are not leaving - just moving to the right part of Unison that only looks after health care managers.

Can I pay my subs direct from my salary?

No, new members can only pay subscriptions by monthly direct debit. The high charges levied by employers make deductions from salary too expensive.  Also, MiP members tend to move employers frequently, making direct debit a more convenient way of maintaining their membership.

Join MiP

As specialists in healthcare management we provide expert employment advice and representation and fast access to legal services to make sure you are treated fairly. You also receive our quarterly magazine and have access to leadership networks.

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FDA Portfolio

MiP members get all the benefits provided by our sister unions. FDA has launched a portfolio of benefits offering a range of discounts, legal support and financial advice. Click through from the MiP members' area for details.

Employment rights

We provide a range of advice and information for healthcare managers on issues that affect your employment. We produce factsheets and briefings to keep you informed about your rights and opportunities.

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