Managers in Partnership helps healthcare managers do the job they are passionate about: deliver dignified and effective healthcare to patients.

MiP is the UK's only trade union organisation specifically for managers in health services and operates in the following ways:

  • Personal support - providing expert employment advice and direct representation to help you in your career, ensuring you are treated fairly by your employers and helping you get the best outcome. Click here for information about Employment Issues.
  • Access to leadership networks and skills development - as part of the fastest growing community of healthcare managers in the UK, there is an opportunity to network, share knowledge with like-minded professionals and participate in our seminars. Click here for our Learning Zone.
  • Collective representation - using our collective voice to communicate the views of healthcare managers to employers, policy makers, the public and the media, making changes for the better and challenging negative perceptions. Click here for more about our Health Policy.

MiP members
MiP has nearly 6,000 members throughout the UK, working in the NHS, the private and third sector. The MiP membership profile reflects that of management in the health services.  54% of members are women and 46% are men.

MiP members care deeply about healthcare. Our members want:

  • quality care for patients in a safe, clean environment
  • patients and carers treated with dignity, compassion and respect
  • patients to have greater control over their own care
  • all staff - clinical and non-clinical - engaged and developed
  • cost-effective services and better productivity
  • health service commissioners and providers accountable to local people and to political representatives.

MiP supports the following principles to promote those values:

  • respect for the valuable contribution of all members of the healthcare team and recognition for the vital role managers play
  • the health service has a responsibility, as a social partner, to promote fair employment practices both for directly employed staff and those working in commissioned services
  • staff engagement in service development is essential to achieve high quality and efficient healthcare
  • policy makers and employers should trust good managers to develop and deliver the best healthcare for their local population
  • managers play a key role in promoting equality and diversity and tackling discrimination in service delivery and employment practices.

Partnership working
MiP works with health service users' organisations, such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer, other trade unions and employers at local, regional and national level, as well as the UK's four national governments and NHS Employers to support innovation to improve healthcare delivery and ensure patients and staff are treated with dignity and respect.

MiP plays an active role in social partnership forums at national and regional level. Click here for links to the social partnership forum in England and Scotland.

MiP works in partnership with Big Difference Company to promote Arts and Health, a programme which uses innovative art forms to get across important messages about health. http://www.bigdifferencecompany.co.uk

MiP was launched in 2005 as a joint venture by Unison, the largest public service union, and FDA, the specialist management union. It was set up to provide trade union representation tailored to the needs of managers in healthcare, and its structures reflect this.

MiP is a national branch of Unison and a sector of FDA and members are entitled to all the benefits of membership of both unions. MiP is affiliated to the TUC through the FDA. MiP has its own policy making body and is not affiliated to any political party.

MiP's overall strategy and budget are determined by its management board, which is made up of senior paid and lay officials from Unison and FDA.

Join MiP

As specialists in healthcare management we provide expert employment advice and representation and fast access to legal services to make sure you are treated fairly. You also receive our quarterly magazine and have access to leadership networks.

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FDA Portfolio

MiP members get all the benefits provided by our sister unions. FDA has launched a portfolio of benefits offering a range of discounts, legal support and financial advice. Click through from the MiP members' area for details.

Employment rights

We provide a range of advice and information for healthcare managers on issues that affect your employment. We produce factsheets and briefings to keep you informed about your rights and opportunities.

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