NEWS Tue 19 Jun 2018


Long term funding settlement for NHS and social care


Responding to the Prime MInister’s announcement of a long-term funding settlement for the NHS, MiP chief executive, Jon Restell MiP said: "Managers will obviously welcome the easing of underfunding. That said, the new money will not stretch to everything the Government wants to do, such as investing in integrated health and social care, and moving more care out of hospital. And we're in the dark on some important budgets such as public health, staff training and capital projects. Plenty of tough choices still remain.

NEWS Fri 08 Jun 2018


One million NHS staff across England to get a pay rise


Over a million hospital cleaners, nurses, security guards, physiotherapists, emergency call handlers, paramedics, midwives, radiographers and other NHS staff across England will now benefit from a three-year pay deal, say health unions today (Friday)

NEWS Fri 08 Jun 2018


This deal is only the start


MiP comments on today’s union ballot results, which showed members were strongly in favour of accepting the government's three-year pay deal for most NHS staff in England.

MEDIA CENTRE Wed 21 Mar 2018


MiP welcomes three-year NHS pay deal – with reservations

MiP welcomes the three-year draft pay framework for NHS Agenda for Change staff in England, signed off by the NHS Staff Council today, and the Government’s commitment to fund the deal over and above existing NHS budgets.

Commenting on today’s announcement, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said: “This offer finally ends the damaging 1% cap on pay rises and gives higher salaries to all NHS staff on Agenda for Change, including most MiP members."

MiP BLOG Fri 22 Dec 2017

 MiP Summit Managers Matter

Managers need hope and purpose

Following the union’s successful Summit in October, MiP wants to challenge the denigration of NHS management and forge a hopeful and compelling story that shows the true value of what managers do. Craig Ryan looks at the work ahead.

At MiP’s Summit in October, a group of MiP members got together to talk about developing a more positive and hopeful story about NHS management. It was a difficult but revealing discussion. MiP chief executive Jon Restell says the managers in the room had no illusions about how they were seen: “People realised that they are seen as bullies or just in it for the money or on the take – even corrupt in some senses; that people think they are interfering, controlling and taking clinical decisions.”

MiP BLOG Thu 21 Dec 2017

 Hospify screenshot

Worried about data security? Try the new "WhatsApp for health"

MiP and UNISON are supporting trials of Hospify, a new secure messaging app for NHS staff which avoids falling foul of data protection and patient confidentiality rules. James Flint explains why you should give it a try.

If you’ve been working in a West Midlands hospital in the last couple of months and have happened across a Unison stand, you may have noticed something unusual – a second stand, positioned next to it, displaying information about the trial of a smartphone app called Hospify.

MiP BLOG Mon 04 Dec 2017

 Dean Royles Summit 2017

The confused centre is holding us back

Dean Royles, director of HR and organisational development at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, calls for a more streamlined system to run the NHS in England.

Our efforts to make fundamental and lasting improvements are being hampered by a very confused organisational landscape at national level in England, where six statutory bodies are sending out conflicting messages and competing over policy territory. They can seem more focused on defining and protecting their roles than on supporting health providers to deliver good services.

MEDIA CENTRE Wed 22 Nov 2017

 Phillip Hammond

Chancellor fails to fund our health and care needs

Responding to today's budget announcments on funding for the NHS and social care, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said:

"The Chancellor is failing to fund the health and care needs of our citizens. The extra money in today’s budget for the day-to-day running of the NHS falls well short of expert recommendations. And there’s nothing at all to relieve the crisis in social care."

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