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23 November, London 

This year's conference will be held at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for more details and to register


MiP BLOG Tue 18 Oct 2016

 Stephen Smith

Suspensions - you deserve more support when everything's on the line

Investigations and grievances can often drag on for months or years, creating uncertainty and stress for everyone involved. Steve Smith calls for a more supportive approach from NHS employers

Too often, I hear about health professionals who have been arbitrarily cold-shouldered by their peers, or left wholly reliant on their trade union for advice and support because their employer is, in the words of one member, “nowhere to be found”.

NEWS Mon 10 Oct 2016

 link member course

Link members: be part of something bigger

Read on for more details on how to get more involved with MiP

MiP's Link Member training will help you to use your skills to resolve disputes, support your colleagues at work and boost the union's membership.

MiP BLOG Mon 10 Oct 2016

 Alwen Williams

The biggest job in the NHS?

INTERVIEW: Barts Health is the NHS's largest trust - and comes with finanical and quality troubles to match. Alison Moore interviews chief exective Alwen Williams about turning round the NHS's stricken supertanker

If you’re looking for the biggest operational challenge in the NHS, running Barts Health Trust is surely it. The NHS’s largest trust in terms of staff and turnover, it has been judged inadequate on quality and finds itself in financial special measures. Turning this behemoth round is going to demand everything even an exceptional manager can throw at it.

MEDIA CENTRE Tue 04 Oct 2016


Trust chair pay rises will go down badly with NHS staff, says managers' union

MiP responds to changes in remuneration for non-employee board posts in the NHS

'We have no problem in principle with pay reviews for hard to fill non-employee trust chair posts. But we do have a problem with the failure to use the same approach for NHS staff.'

MiP BLOG Mon 03 Oct 2016


Brexit: easier said than done

Far from “taking back control”, Brexit has plunged the NHS into a period of radical uncertainty, with unpredictable consequences for funding, staffing and research. Craig Ryan reports.

A month before the EU referendum, a poll commissioned by CIPFA found that 31% of voters thought Brexit would benefit the NHS and 46% thought it would have no impact at all. CIPFA also polled NHS chief executives and financial directors: 95% thought Brexit would harm the NHS.

MiP BLOG Thu 22 Sep 2016

 Wales mbc

Managing better care: Lessons in collaboration

The “Once for Wales” project has transformed staff training across NHS Wales, cutting costs, raising quality and boosting compliance. Matt Ross spoke to the handful of visionaries who made it happen.

I remember the bad old days, when people used to do everything separately, and work in competition rather than collaboration. People were all off developing products with slight variations. But this project has pulled together all those good ideas; all that knowledge and expertise.

MiP BLOG Mon 12 Sep 2016

 managing change

Tipster: Managing change in your team

Many health organisations have spent years undergoing constant change - and it isn't over yet. Matt Ross offers some advice for team leaders.

Before embracing change, people must understand why the status quo is untenable, see the goal as desirable, and believe it can be delivered. So explain clearly the risks of leaving things as they are, the benefits of change and how you will address the obstacles.

NEWS Fri 09 Sep 2016


Unions and employers renew NHS partnership agreement

The Social Partnership Forum has published a "refreshed" partnership agreement, which set out how the partners will work together to tackle the biggest challenges facing the NHS

Under the agreement, NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Improvement have now joined the SPF, which brings together employers and trade unions in the NHS in England

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